Little Italy Property Owners Association (LIPOA) changes org name

Mar 16, 2019 426

Little Italy Property Owners Association (LIPOA) has been recognized by Baltimore City as Little Italy’s representative neighborhood association since 2012. As of its March 19th meeting, LIPOA will operate under a new name, Little Italy Neighborhood Association (LINA) and is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

"While we have established goodwill operating under the LIPOA name and bylaws, we have decided to expand our organization to include all residents and business owners, including the residents of Scarlett Place," announced LIPOA's board. "We feel this change will help better position the organization to represent the stakeholders in Little Italy in the ever-changing landscape of Baltimore City."

LINA will be dedicated to the preservation, protection, growth and general well-being of the Little Italy community. While the name and bylaws of an organization help to provide the format and structure, it is each Little Italy community member’s participation that helps to ensure we maintain our reputation as the best neighborhood in Baltimore.

LINA's board consists of: Bryan Chiapparelli, President; Dan Sutherland Weiser, Vice President; Nancy Hayden, Treasurer; Matt Daddio, Communications/Secretary; PJ O’Neill, Parliamentarian

SOURCE: Promotion Center for Little Italy

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