Temple honors 2016 Global Philadelphia award recipient

Feb 02, 2017 1195

Italian culture is embedded into the daily lives of Philadelphians, whether they know it or not. “We are now in Center City, which is a translation of centro cittá,” said Andrea Canepari from his office that overlooks Independence Hall, Washington Square and the bustling intersection of 6th and Walnut streets. “It’s an Italian and European concept. In a center city, you live, you work, you shop. For so many years, people here interact with Italian culture even if it’s not so obvious.”

Canepari, the consul general of Italy in Philadelphia, thought he would become a lawyer in Italy. That was before he studied abroad at the University of Pennsylvania in the late ’90s and fell for the City of Brotherly Love. In 2013, Canepari was offered a position in several cities in the United States, but without hesitation, he knew he wanted to return to the energy and vibrancy of his beloved Philadelphia. The city—and Temple—feel the same way about him. Canepari is a recipient of Temple’s 2016 Global Philadelphia Award.

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SOURCE: http://news.temple.edu

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