Astro Samantha on a mural in Detroit!

Oct 17, 2019 1478

For the 2019 #GiornatadelContemporaneo promoted by the AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani, we invited #WalterContipelli and #AlessandroBreveglieri of the ORTICANOODLES collective for creating a mural in #EasternMarket, on Supino Pizzeria’s wall. #SamanthaCristoforetti, the astronaut who was the first Italian woman in space and holds the record for the longest spaceflight in Europe, was selected as the subject of the mural.

On October 12, we officially presented the work to the public. The final result exceeded our expectations! We are grateful to these two talented artists and to FIRM Real Estate Detroit for allowing us to make this project possible. These are some pictures of this amazing initiative and we look forward to seeing your selfies with the new Italian mural in #Easternmarket #Detroit!. 

SOURCE: Italian Consulate in Detroit

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