Beato Giovanni Liccio Society President Sapienza

May 29, 2024 111

After 27 years as a member of the Beato Giovanni Liccio Society of Chicago, current President Tony Sapienza is as active and enthusiastic as ever. The group’s mission is to promote and foster the teachings of its patron, Beato Giovanni Liccio, a 15th century priest from Caccamo, Sicily, who spent his life helping the needy and the poor, and to whom several miracles are attributed.

“We follow the same teachings, songs and worships as they do in Caccamo,” Sapienza says. “It has forged a bond between the Chicago Caccamesi and the town of Caccamo.” Sapienza, 56, has worked for American Airline since 1989 and his girlfriend, Jamie, resides with him in Wood Dale, Illinois. He joined the society in 1997 and has held several positions on the board; he is now serving his second term as president.

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