"Peter and the Wolf" and Autism. Photo Exhibition and Lecture

May 15, 2013 1381

The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Silvio Marchetti
is please to invite you to

"Peter and the Wolf" and Autism.

Photo Exhibition and Lecture

by Daniele Sanna and Mauro Sarzi

Wednesday, May 15th, at 6:00 PM
at the Italian Cultural Institute
500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1450
Chicago, IL 60611

Non-Profit Organization

Human Arts "Le Mani dei Sarzi"

In collaboration with
Accademia Teatro alla Scala
Course for Photographers Scene


Photographic Exhibition "Peter and the Wolf": Fabulous Notes and Emotions

This exhibition, staged in conjunction with the Accademia Teatro alla Scala and accompanied by Prokofiev musical version of the fairy tale "Peter and the Wolf," is particularly suitable for working with autism spectrum disorders. It combines a strong scenic impact with the simple figurative acting theater and the great classicism of operatic instruments.

Hardly any family is not touched in some ways by problems faced in caring, working with or assisting sufferers. Art, drama, and music therapy are fundamental in the development of their potential. The creators of this project, Mauro Sarzi and Daniele Sanna, will animate the performance.

Daniele Sanna and Mauro Sarzi, artistic directors of the Non-Profit Organization Human Arts "Hands of Sarzi", have developed a creative project that is realized together with an exclusive photographic exhibition that takes its cue from the unique and original representation of the musical tale "Peter and the Wolf" staged and processed by the non-profit organization Human Arts "Hands of Sarzi" with figures created by designer Jacopo Sarzi.

The Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan involved the students of the course Photographers Scene, a.a. 2012-2013, in the realization of photographs of the figures used in the musical fairy tale "Peter and the
Wolf", represented by the non-profit organization Human Arts using method and techniques that permit the knowledge of the musical sense and pedagogical work with the use of original figures, (table puppets) and innovative communication techniques.

Authors of the photos: Fiorenza Cicogna, Lidia Crisafulli, Anna Agliardi, Paola Russo, Yasuko Kageyama, Michele Randazzo, Andrea Balza, Camilla Doria, Chiara Lapolla, Dalila Setola.

Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan
"The Accademia Teatro alla Scala" is the thought of the Scala for the future: a historic opportunity, a place where the 'savoir-faire' of a theatre is transmitted which is the story of the work itself. If Scala is the world's heritage, the Academy is a vital part of it. The best investment for the future".
With these words the Superintendent of the Teatro alla Scala, Stéphane Lissner, sums up the vocation that the entity Scala has always shown in fostering the growth of new talent, ever since 1813, when the Theatre established the School of Dance, today recognized among the most prestigious institutions at the international level for dance formation. The same vocation was renewed in 1950 with the creation of the school "Cadets della Scala" commissioned by Arturo Toscanini to give continuity to the historical tradition of Italian opera. In the seventies Tito Varsico, at that time director of stage, gave life to the course for designers/ filmakers with the objective of transmitting from generation to generation, the creative excellence of skill and manuality of Scala artists. Around these nuclei new training developed and in 2001, as a private foundation, the Accademia of the Teatro alla Scala took the form it has today: four departments - Music, Dance, Stage Workshops, Management covering all professional profiles related to musical theater , with a wide educational offer, divided into training courses, specialization and workshops.

Onlus Human Arts "Hands of Sarzi"
This non-profit organization operates, with experienced professionals, in the theatrical, artistic , social, health and community health field. It is composed of doctors, social educators and artists and was founded by master puppeteer, art therapist Mauro Sarzi and musician, music therapist Daniele Sanna.
The non-profit organization aims to develop methods and innovative ways to humanize and make art a vital part of the socio-sanitary sector and create artistic paths to knowledge of the arts. For twenty years it has operated in pedagogical-clinical and pediatric ways with thanks to the collaboration of important psychiatrists, neurologists , physiatrists, psychologists, such as Prof. Basaglia MD, Prof. Silvetti, Prof.
Giovanni Sanna, Prof. Bruno Cortis and Prof. Adriano Ferrari and many other researchers who tend to value, in the course of treatment, the personal, emotional, and sensorial analysis of patients, considering that this approach is a valid addition and/or alternative to the use of classical strong medicine.

"Peter and the Wolf". Notes and Emotions fairytale
The musical fairytale was represented for the first time in Moscow in 1936 and tells the story of a child, Peter, who with the help of a bird, catches a fearsome wolf. Each character is represented by a musical
theme, entrusted to a particular instrument. The voice of the narrator, in this case the master puppeteer, Mauro Sarzi, tells the story while the music of Prokofiev discusses each scene explaining the nature and
feelings, and describe the actions of each character. The latter are interpreted by the following instruments: flute, clarinet, timpani, strings, (violin, viola, cello, double bass), bassoon, oboe and horns.

Light refreshments will be offered. Reservations kindly suggested.
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