Student senate approves Columbus Day name change

Dec 03, 2016 404

by Gillian Dunlop

While some simply associate Columbus Day with a day off of school or western exploration, for sophomore in FAA Thereza Lituma Columbus Day represents the genocide of thousands of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. The Native American and Indigenous Student Organization, NAISO, which Lituma is president of, started a petition to change the name on campus from Columbus Day to Indigenous People's day to promote indigenous culture and inclusion.

This petition was then picked up by Illinois Student Senate Vice President-internal Spencer Haydary and turned into a student senate resolution for action, which was subsequently passed by the senate. "It was an amazing idea," Haydary said. "(The petition) talked about how it might be a step in the right direction in promoting cultural inclusivity, especially on a campus where traditionally it has not been very welcoming to indigenous students."

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