In the 1920s, a lawman in North Dakota had a dark secret — He was Al Capone’s brother

Mar 06, 2023 595

Can you imagine the stress on poor old Vincenzo Capone as he tried to hide his real identity? What would his fellow prohibition agent friends think if they found out the man they knew as “Richard Hart” — a guy fighting corruption and crime just like they were — actually shared a last name with the most notorious gangster of the era: “Capone.”

And it wasn’t just a shared last name, they shared parents. “Richard Hart” was Al Capone’s older brother. It all sounds too unbelievable to be true. How could Richard Hart/Vincenzo Capone have plotted such a different path for his life than his gangster brothers, Al “Scarface” Capone, Ralph “Bottles” Capone and Frank Capone? But he did.

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