Congratulations to Barbara Klein for receiving the prestigious Cavaliere (Knighthood) award from the Italian government

Dec 15, 2017 2094

Barbara Klein, president of the Italian Film Festival USA and long-time resident of the metro St. Louis area, has been acknowledged by the President of the Republic of Italy with the conferral of the title of Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d'Italia (Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy). The award recognizes her thirteen years as president and founder of the Festival, and as an Italian language instructor at St. Louis Community College and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

The Order of the Star of Italy was established in 2011 and represents a particular honor on behalf of all those, Italians abroad or foreigners, who have acquired special merit in the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries and the promotion of ties with Italy.

The award was presented to Barbara by the Honorable Giuseppe Finocchiaro, the Consul General of Italy in Chicago, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago on Monday, December 11, 2017. In a prepared statement, Barbara stated “I accept the award on behalf of the Italian Film Festival USA and the many volunteers who help me organize the Festival each year.”

The fourteenth edition of the Italian Film Festival USA will take place in April 2018 in twelve cities: St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Portland, Phoenix, Boulder, Memphis, Chicago and Kansas City. The Festival screens contemporary Italian films in a festive atmosphere, and is free and open to the public. The Festival’s web site is

N.B. The award is given to both Italian citizens and foreigners (non-citizen). Barbara Klein is an Italian citizen of piemontese descent (Piedmont of Italy)

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