Honoring Kansas City Italians! Judge Frank Benanti Sr

Oct 20, 2015 1072

Judge Frank Benanti, Sr. was born in 1894 in Kansas City, MO. He was the oldest surviving son of Ignazio & Giuseppa (Arnone) Benanti. His parents were Sicilian immigrants from the town of Campofelice di Fitalia, Sicily. Frank attended the Kansas City School of Law and upon graduation was appointed Justice of the Peace in Kansas City and became known as Judge. Frank married Josephine LaBoi in 1916 and together they had 4 children. He was a deeply devoted family man. In 1942 he was elected as a Representative for the Missouri State Legislature representing the Democratic party. He served one term. He had a prolific career in law and was dedicated to helping the Italian community as well as other minorities. Judge Benanti died in 1974 at age 80.

Judge Benanti helped countless Kansas City Italians with legal matters and offered them guidance in their new country. He also sponsored immigrants to not only come to the United States but, also to become United States citizens. He was a hero to many.

Source: Kansas City Italians

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