Italian farmer held as prisoner of war in Missouri during World War II

Sep 09, 2019 465

BY: Jeremy P. Amick

Born in January 1920 in a small village in northern Italy, Enrico Sesenna grew up the youngest of nine sons. As a child, he toiled in the vineyards owned by his family while also maintaining the fields where they grazed their cattle. It was a peaceful time, with World War I behind them and most Italian families unable to foresee the changes that would affect their beloved country. Soon, they would experience a new war and the imprisonment of thousands of Italian soldiers in distant locations such as Missouri.

"My father was only 3 years old when his father died (in April 1923)," said Sesenna's daughter, Augusta, who still resides in Italy. "My grandmother was a widow with nine children to support and she kept working in the fields with the help of the older children."

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