Italian Heritage series: Carnevale di Venezia

Feb 05, 2016 840

Join us for a new Italian Heritage class, where we offer topics ranging from cultural traditions to historical events and individuals who sparked change. This month we feature Carnival in Venice – a storied festival that has survived hundreds of years and continues to mesmerize visitors from all over the world. Discover the history of Carnival and of its elaborate masks and how they are an integral part of Venice's own history. Watch short videos of the glamorous Ballo del Doge (Doge's Masquerade Ball), Volo dell'angelo (Angel's flight) and immerse yourself in a most magical atmosphere. Italian native Elisabetta Re will take you through the historical context and meaning of the elements that make this Venice tradition worthy of attention.

Treat yourself to this presentation on Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30 PM, at the Italian Cultural Center and enjoy hand-made Chiacchere, delicate strips of fried dough traditionally prepared in Italy during Carnival accompanied by Prosecco wine from the Veneto region. The presentation is in English. Space is limited – register today!

Source: Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis

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