Man charged with toppling Columbus statue at state Capitol to serve 100 hours of community service

Dec 08, 2020 574

BY: Katrina Pross

The American Indian Movement activist charged with toppling the Christopher Columbus statue at the state Capitol in June will not serve prison time, but instead must complete 100 hours of community service. A Ramsey County District Court judge approved a recommendation Monday that the active prosecution of the case be suspended for one year, until the man charged — Michael Anthony Forcia — completes 100 hours of community service.

Restitution for the statue will be revisited at a later date, as it has not yet been decided if the statue will be replaced. Forcia, 57, of New Brighton, was  charged with one count of felony criminal damage to property for his involvement in toppling the statue on June 10, shortly after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody that caused widespread civil unrest in the Twin Cities.

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