The neighborhood that taught Yogi Berra to take those forks in the road

Sep 25, 2015 985

by James Edwards

Besides the many fans and those in the sports world, there's another place in particular mourning the death of baseball legend Yogi Berra: a St. Louis neighborhood called The Hill. Berra grew up in The Hill, which became the nucleus of the city's Italian community, as many Italian immigrants settled there when arriving to St. Louis in the 1890s. Berra's father had worked as a tenant farmer in a small town south of Milan before coming to the US. In a 2005 interview with the American Academy of Achievement, Berra recalled his family's arrival.

"My father came over first. He came from the old country. And he didn't know what baseball was. He was ready to go to work. And then I had three other brothers and a sister. My brother and my mother came over later on. My two oldest brothers, they were born there — Mike and Tony. John and I and my sister Josie were born in St. Louis."

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