Don't be quiet! It's time to shout 'Viva St. Pietro!' again

Jun 25, 2024 157

BY: Ethan Forman

This week, the joyous cries of “Viva San Pietro!” will ring out through St. Peter’s Square in Gloucester (MA) and beyond for the 97th annual St. Peter’s Fiesta, an expression of faith, family and fun sponsored by the city’s Italian-American fishing community since 1927.

The five-day celebration highlighting the diverse heritage, history and traditions of America’s oldest fishing port will be filled with sporting events at Pavilion Beach. Walkers will seek bragging rights to be the first to grab the flag as they take on the Greasy Pole Contest. And, crews of rowers in various categories will face off in the Seine Boat Races in the recently redone Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Seine boats.

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