Former Stamford mayor Esposito (opinion): There are solutions to Columbus controversy

Jul 18, 2020 630

BY: Stan Esposito

Stamford, Connecticut, has a large tight-knit Italian American population which honors Christopher Columbus for his courage and fortitude. The Italian people of Stamford put differences aside and rally around an issue when it comes to a question about their heritage. In addition to this oneness of spirit, Stamford is home to an active chapter of UNICO.

The chapter president Dr. Al Fusco is leading the effort to retain the statue of Columbus in Columbus Park as well as retain the name of the park. I can think of no better person for the job than Dr. Fusco, who is a well-read authority on Christopher Columbus. As evidenced by attendance at the peaceful rally held recently in Columbus Park, supporters of Columbus outnumber opponents by about 10 to one.

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