I AM Books: New beginnings

Jun 02, 2021 430

BY: Nicola Orichuia

I believe in stories. More precisely, I believe in stories of people who overcome great obstacles to reach a goal, defend an ideal, uplift the spirit. I believe in well-written fiction, because it holds all the truths and emotions of reality and life. I AM Books, our little bookstore, has its own story. Not a long one compared to other businesses, but a story nonetheless. 
When we started in 2015, we weren’t a bookstore. We were an idea, a hopeful projection of our ambition to become a cultural meeting point. We didn’t have a precise plan, or a guide that would lead us to where we wanted to be. We figured things out day by day, adapting what we learned to build a stronger and more beautiful enterprise. We were apprentice artisans without a master to teach us the craft of bookselling. But we were eager to learn and we applied ourselves.

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SOURCE: https://iambooksboston.com

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