The Italian Language Week in New England

Oct 12, 2023 749

The Italian Language Week has two main thematic strands: sustainability linked to a great intellectualot the 20th century, Italo Calvino (ante litteram environmentalist writer) and democracy through the contribution made by renowned Harvard former professor Gaetano Salvemini (an intellectual historian committed to the struggle for democracy). 

Both are united by the fact that they have taught at the most prestigious universities in our constituency, and for each of them a special anniversary is being celebrated this year: the 100th anniversary of Calvino's birth and the 150th anniversary of Salvemini's birth.

Among the events presented we highlight the competition directed to students from New England colleges and universities, "Italian: lessons in sustainability," whose online launch will be held on Monday, October 16. Teachers and their classes will be able to register for the two scheduled online sessions. 

Following this, a special edition of the Salvemini Colloquium, in which Salvemini and his intellectual legacy will be discussed, will be held in presence at the Center for European Studies on Wednesday, October 18. Participation is open to all by registering at the following link: .

Finally, the day of Saturday, October 21, will see us engaged in an in-person meeting with Professor Malaguti and journalist Ken Shulman on Italo Calvino's Palomar at I AM Books in Boston, celebrating the great twentieth-century writer through the book in which some of the main themes of his thought are condensed.

SOURCE: Italian Consulate in Boston

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