Patricia Buonpane: A Mainstay of North Haven

Sep 27, 2019 182

Pat Buonpane defines herself as a talker. “I’ll have a conversation with anyone,” says Pat. “I especially love talking about my hometown of North Haven. It’s a great place, and a wonderful community that has an outstanding educational system and people here are very down to earth and welcoming to others.” Pat should know, she was born on Broadway in what, at the time, was the largest brick house in town.

It was a sprawling, three-family home that has since been knocked down to make way for the I-91 through pass through town. “I’ve seen a lot of changes in town,” says Pat, who has been a dedicated member of the North Haven Historical Society for more than a decade. “There has been a lot of growth here and a lot of development. When I was a kid, and we lived near the center of town, we used to walk everywhere. That’s not how it is now. I still live in a beautiful part of town, surrounded by the schools, which is nice, but it has gotten busy in North Haven.”

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