She wants to be Miss Connecticut Current Miss New Haven County seeks new title

Jun 26, 2015 1104

By Mark Zaretsky

If you ask Cara Ann Cama's mother, Cynthia, she'll tell you her daughter has always wanted to give back, ever since she was a little girl growing up on Third Avenue. But as a contestant in the 2015 Miss Connecticut Scholarship Pageant, Cara Ann Cama, 23 — currently in her last year of eligibility for the pageants that feed into the Miss America pageant — has made "Mentoring: In and Beyond the Classroom" her personal platform.

It's essentially the bedrock on which her effort to jump from her current title of Miss New Haven County to Miss Connecticut is built. And she means it. One thing that struck Cama on her way to graduating Summa Cum Laude from Albertus Magnus College with a major in biology and a minor in communications in 2012 was just how few female role models there were for young women interested in studying the sciences.

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