A Look at the 2014 Feast of San Vincenzo Martire di Craco in New York City

Nov 03, 2014 987

By Giovanni di Napoli

Sunday, October 26th, I made my way to Saint Joseph's Church (5 Monroe St.) in New York City, for the 113th Annual Feast of San Vincenzo Martire di Craco. Mass was celebrated in English and Italian by Rev. Monsignor Nicholas Grieco, who just happens to be of Cracotan descent.

During his homily, Father Grieco gave an inspiring account of San Vincenzo's life and commended the Craco Society for their important spiritual and cultural endeavors. As always, cantor Susan Mello did a fantastic job leading the congregation in song and thrilling us with her stirring rendition of Inno a San Vincenzo, a hymn to Saint Vincent.

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