Feast of tradition in Bensonhurst

Aug 26, 2015 1316

by Allegra Hobbs

Bensonhurst revelers feasted and celebrated the neighborhood's Italian heritage at the 40th-annual 18th Avenue Feast, a cherished borough tradition that kicked off on Aug. 20 and will rage on through Aug. 30. The feast is a spin-off of a centuries-old Sicilian ritual honoring St. Rosalia, the patron saint of the town of Palermo, and every year the Bensonhurst fest draws huge crowds with its food, rides, live music, and rich tradition.

"My family used to take me when I was a kid," said Miranda Giannone, a longtime Bensonhurst resident who brought her two children to the feast. "So we're just carrying on tradition." Feasters who perusing the vendors stretching between 68th and 75th Streets enjoyed authentic Italian treats including decadent Zeppoles — fried dough covered in powdered sugar — but also feasted on some more American street fare, such as fired Oreos.

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