Hateful Man takes Columbus Statue. John Cartafalsa fought back. Fight back in his memory

Oct 16, 2020 221

“Cancel Culture” struck home. John Cartafalsa fought back. Fight back in his memory. For more than thirty years, John Cartafalsa's beloved Columbus sculpture welcomed all who entered the lobby of his Manhattan apartment building. Then one day last summer, "cancel culture" struck home. The bronze figurine vanished, taken from its niche.

The 91-year-old retired attorney's initial shock was really a one-two punch. Aided by a walker, he moved about the lobby and was stunned to see the statue on the floor at the heel of his neighbor, Sean Morrison, 55, a medical doctor. Cartafalsa demanded the statue's return. A third neighbor intervened and complied. The next morning the statue was gone. Security cameras showed Morrison briskly exiting the lobby carrying the missing statue under his arm.

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SOURCE: Columbus Heritage Coalition

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