Lucia Grillo: acting is the quintessence of the human being

Jan 27, 2016 686

Born in New York, but with Italian blood flowing through her veins, originally from Francavilla Angitola in Calabria, Lucia Grillo is a fireball of energy within a witty, creative mind. She's an actress, screenwriter, an award winning director (her shorts "A pena do pana" and "Ad Ipponion" won some festivals), a producer and excellent TV host.

She loves her work and her origins, to the point that hearing her talking about her land makes you want to go visit it. Today we are in Bedford-Stuyvesant, an African-American neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn with the brown-stones and here you can still breathe the old New York... though less and less, as Lucia tells us, having lived here just like myself.

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