San Gennaro festival coming to Poughkeepsie this weekend

Oct 04, 2022 237

The MJN Convention Center located in Poughkeepsie will host its first annual San Gennaro Parade and Festival on October 9, free to the public. The event is slated to include a parade, live music, fresh food, and more to celebrate the patron Saint of Naples and New York City’s Little Italy; Saint Januarius.

According to Zeidan Nesheiwat, President of the MJN Convention Center, several community groups and service organizations will march down Main Street, starting from the area of Catherine Street and ending at the MJN Convention Center on Civic Center Plaza. “We are honored to host such a special and lively event for the Hudson Valley community at the biggest San Gennaro festival the Hudson Valley has ever seen,” said Nesheiwat.

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