Seton Foundation students learn career skills at Pastosa Ravioli

Dec 07, 2018 386

BY: Annalise Knudson

Every week, two students from the Seton Foundation become regular employees of Pastosa Ravioli in West Brighton, cleaning refrigerators and fixing stock on display. Pastosa recently partnered with the Seton Foundation for Learning at Bishop Ahearn High School, as part of the school’s effort to have students learn pre-vocational skills.

Sara Dalton, 19, and Kaylee Weiber, 17, who is also Miss Special Staten Island Teen, visit the Italian market for an hour on Fridays to help owner Vincent D’Antuono and manager Vincent D’Antuono Jr. with daily tasks. “They like to feel involved, they like to feel part of the team,” said D’Antuono Jr. “They’ll do some of the shelves, some of the dusting, some of the organizing, and it keeps them busy.”

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