Il Circolo presents The Italian Paparazzi

Apr 18, 2019 811

BY: Antonella Brancaccio

On March 24, 2019 IL Circolo presented the 43rd  Anniversary Gala at the Breakers Hotel, an icon of Palm Beach. The evening was featured by local newspapers and television stations. The Chairs of the event President Paul Finizio and Board Member Chris Salamone named the Gala “the Italian Paparazzi”, in honor of Buddy Fortunato, founder of one of the most famous Italian-American newspapers “The Tribune”,  the award-winning Franc D`Ambrosio,one of the film's actors of the Godfather and protagonist of the Phantom of the Opera, and the well known Romano family.

The evening was in memoriam of Don Giulio Salani, a famous Italian composer and performer who moved to Argentina after the II world wide war and passed away in September 2018 in Florida. His children Barbara and Sergio and his grandchildren received the award on the stage. Co-chairs Antonella Brancaccio Balzano, Antoniette Vigilante, and Rob De Angelis coordinated, led, and assisted Finizio and Salamone.

Both expressed great gratitude to the coordinators, without whom they could not have orchestrated this event. The room decorated with masks and red roses, newspaper printing, and tricolor lights reflected on the flat columns. The evening opened with the Hymn of Mameli, followed the reading of the blessing of the Palm Beach Bishop Barbarito delivered by the Vice President Sally Valenti.

Then the intervention of the vice consul of Miami, Lucio Taglione, who moved the public, emphasizing the hearts of the Italians who live abroad tied to the  Italian flag and proudly speaking of the Italian talents who made history. Then followed an outstanding Italian dinner. The Orchestra directed by Gino De Marco animated the evening. Franc D’Ambrosio left the audience speechless when he performed  “Speak Softly Love“ and “Music for us”. Special Guest Carlo De Antonis made the whole room stand up with "Nessun Dorma" receiving a long  applause. The President closed the evening with a live auction.

Trips donated by Nero Hotel and Hotel Excelsior of Sorrento, and a private performance by Carlo De Antonis were among the most contended. Guests received as a gift bag containing products and services donated by large and small Italian companies abroad. Once again, Il Circolo has shown talent, commitment, and pride.

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