Promoting Italian Culture in America

Dec 29, 2015 1486

by Rick Zullo

Sometimes this humble little activity of mine opens up a few doors to Italian culture and society that otherwise I wouldn't have access to. And on this occasion, I've really scored some fascinating guests on my podcast, including Dottoressa Gloria Marina Bellelli, the Consulate General of Italy in Miami. Her resume is impressive, to say the least. Before arriving in Miami this year, she has served her country in places such as Algeria and Israel. I'm honored that she took time out of her schedule to speak with me.

Please keep in mind that all of the guests on today's podcast should have been separate episodes in their own rights. But I decided to put them together because, 1) the interviews all occurred at the same location on the same day, and; 2) they are all short little chats, so I thought it better for you, the listener, to take them all in at once, and finally; 3) there is a common theme of promoting Italian culture and Italian-American traditions that runs through all four conversations.

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