In Dawson, NM, Hundreds of Tombstones of Italians in the Abandoned Cemetery

Apr 02, 2021 951

BY: Ilaria M. P. Barzaghi e Matteo Manfredini

In the vast high plains of New Mexico lies a ghost town, one among many in the American West. A frontier of little towns that would spring up thanks to unexpected fortunes, and would be born and die in the blink of an eye, then leave these towns to the mercy of time. But this one tells a very particular story. Around 100 years ago, its population reached almost 9,000 souls, and its name was Dawson.

It was built in the wake of the discovery of an immense coal field that attracted thousands of miners in the early 1900’s. So much so that it could boast a hospital, a theater, a baseball field and its own newspaper, the Dawson News.

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