The Butler Center For Arkansas Studies issues Press Release on Legacies & Lunch featuring history of Little Italy

Apr 27, 2016 885

Not long after Little Italy was settled in central Arkansas, the community became a Prohibition-era oasis for winemakers and consumers. At Legacies & Lunch on Wednesday, May 4, from noon-1 p.m. in the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) Main Library's Darragh Center, 100 Rock St., Chris Dorer will discuss his book, Images of America: Little Italy, and his research on the area's history.

Little Italy, a community in central Arkansas, was settled in 1915 by Italian immigrants. Little Italy's natural resources, population of skilled winemakers, and tolerant lawmakers contributed to the area's reputation during the Prohibition for producing clean alcohol during a time when many people died due to poisonous alcohol sold by amateur distillers. Dorer is a history teacher and chair of the history department at Central High School in Little Rock.

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