Experience a new, free exhibit at arte italia

Oct 04, 2019 407

Tucked along Flint Street in Reno’s cultural core is a beautiful mansion exhibiting a signature Colonial style: The home at 442 Flint Street was designed by Frederick J. Delongchamps, one of Nevada’s most famous architects, and is commonly known by longtime locals as the Hardy House. But since 2008, it has operated as arte italia, a destination for the celebration of Italian visual and culinary arts.

Ask many locals, and they’ll likely associate arte italia with extraordinary Italian cuisine. On a regular basis, arte italia invites esteemed visiting chefs from Italy to cook for visitors in the mansion’s commercial state-of-the-art kitchen. Due to limited space and popular demand, arte italia has had to initiate a lottery system for those seeking admission. In an effort to be inclusive, the possibility of video streaming is being pursued.

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SOURCE: https://thisisreno.com

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