Chiara Giovenzana introducing her “Startup Homes” Network

May 06, 2013 696

The Silicon Valley is a very competitive environment, where innovation, research and creativity could determine the success or failure of a business. Chiara Giovenzana, a member of Aspen Institute Italia's "Italian Talents Abroad" group, has accepted the challenge of investing her experience there and created a new company, which may soon thrive.

The Valley is submerged with wannabe businessmen, who often don't have a place to stay and work: Ms. Giovenzana aims to endow such an army of young and sometimes fledgling entrepreneurs with an useful and much needed service. She launched "Startup Homes", a network of houses providing a shared working and networking space: the first house of the network-to-be is already hosting a few people in Palo Alto and more will come soon. The young and talented Italian manager plans to open other houses in San Diego, San Francisco and New York, and, if everything goes well, to extend the network to Europe. Her first targets would be Berlin, Barcelona and, why not, Italian cities.

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