Italian Innovation Day 2013 March 12

Feb 14, 2013 1326

Here it comes. The annual showcase of what the Italian innovators are all about.
2013 though is not yet another year.
2013 is the "Year of Italian Culture and Innovation" in US. A unique opportunity to celebrate the Italians who have changed, are changing and will change the world with their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and technological excellence.

For this unique setting, this year's event will the hosted by the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. In case you haven't been, this is not the typical museum. Set between Google and Microsoft, the CHM is the middle ground location where a good number of the most relevant events in the valley are still taking place: the Singularity University graduations, Google Ventures demo days, Vint Cerf talks, just to mention a few that happened in the last few months.

To double down on the celebrations, we are organizing a special exhibition in cooperation with the Italian Consolate in San Francisco and the Italian Culture Institute.

The title of the exhibition says it all: "Sexy Before Apple: The Italian Experience in Silicon Valley"

Yes, those are the Italians, starting from the Olivetti people or the Federico Faggin (already featured in the museum) as the researcher associated with the invention of the microprocessor.

Federico Faggin himself will be the keynote speaker of the Italian Innovation Day. A plethora of Italian innovators from the Olivetti times until today will then participate to the celebration. The upcoming Italian stars in Silicon Valley will then take the stage: they run startups today that can become sexier then Apple. Just wait and see.

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