Italy opens a National Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley

Jun 06, 2021 834

This summer Italy will open its first overseas National Centre for Innovation and Culture in the United States, as an experimental model that can be replicated in other countries. Promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation following a proposal by the Embassy of Italy in Washington, in collaboration with the Consulate General in San Francisco, this is Italy’s first Innovation and Culture Hub (IICH) and will be implemented with the involvement of the ICE Agency.

The new Centre will be an original solution that brings together, in a single space, two existing Italian government agencies (the Institute of Culture and the ICE Agency, with the desk for attracting investments) and the new Innovation Centre. In this way it will be able to offer an integrated promotion of the Italian system in a new and more effective way, by combining the cultural, economic, technological and scientific aspects in the region of California that is the symbol of global innovation.

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