Macchinissima Italian Car Show Brought The Weird And Wonderful To Downtown Los Angeles

Dec 19, 2023 878

BY: Daniel Golson

I’m always on the lookout for new weekend car shows to go to in the Los Angeles area, especially as the number of traditional cars and coffees have dwindled in recent months (the long-running Malibu Country Mart show has been permanently shut down, for example). This past weekend a new show emerged, focused exclusively on Italian cars and motorcycles both vintage and modern, and it was excellent.

Called Macchinissima, the show was held at the Signal retail hub in downtown LA’s Arts District, a cool architectural enclave that houses stores like Period Correct, one of the sponsors of the event. Macchinissima was dreamt up by Italian car enthusiasts Mike BaumBronson Page and Dorian Valenzuela, who curated the cars and bikes in attendance.

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