Number One FIAT Dealer in the USA: Santa Monica FIAT sets record for sales in a year

Jan 08, 2014 775

Santa Monica FIAT is proud to announce it was the number one FIAT store in the country in 2013. The dealership just had its grand opening in May 2012, making 2013 the first full calendar year for the store. In spite of that, the dealer sold a record-breaking 813 new cars since January 1st. That's the highest number posted by a FIAT studio since the brand returned to the USA in 2011.

"We're so proud of the entire team here," Santa Monica FIAT General Manager Jon Schwartz said. "To have come this far in such a short time is a huge achievement."

The battle for the top spot was a close one. The Southern California dealer just edged out its closest rival by less than 20 sales.

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