Top 20 Italian Cars at Concorso Italiano 2021

Aug 19, 2021 437

BY: Mark Vaughn

Concorso Italiano is a big celebration of all the best cars from Italy. While it got a little too big for a while there, it has had a new corner of the Blackhorse Golf Course on Fort Ord for a couple years now and it seems to have settled in nicely. The car count went from over 1000 (mostly F355s) to right around 550 or 560 cars.

That may still sound like a lot, but remember that any one of these cars would make you stop on the street of Your Town USA and gawk. “I like it better,” said Concorso capo Tom McDowell. “It’s easier to manage the size, much easier to manage at a smaller size. We’re always striving to get the best cars there and have some engaging celebrations.”

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