Italian Design Week: "The influence of Italian Culture, Innovation and Sustainability - through the alliance of modern designs"

Sep 02, 2023 537

BY: Roberta Marcenaro Lyon

Roberta Marcenaro Lyon, co-founder and CEO of IMARK, announces Italian Design Week 2023, a series of immersive events in Washington DC. Join us on a journey of Italian culture and design from Sep 30th to Oct 4rd, and get transported to the heart and soul of Italy in celebration of Italian craftsmanship. This upcoming edition aims to captivate visitors and immerse them in rich unforgettable experiences that celebrate design, beauty and heritage. 

Italian Design Week is a callout to all organizations and individuals connected to the design and creative industries, creating multiple opportunities to engage with the latest design trends, while gaining insight on how Italian brands are pushing boundaries and setting new standards in creativity and sustainability. Access to these exclusive events will provide unparalleled networking opportunities with the Italian community, leaders, CEOs and prestige society members.

The weeklong series of events features activation moments at CityCenterDC ; panel talks exploring topics of innovation, investment and sustainability at the Italian Embassy; Gala dinner at the Willard hotel with Michelin three-starred chef Heinz Beck; and reception cocktail with Ducati at the Jefferson hotel.

By showcasing the best “Made in Italy” brands present in the US, this series will cultivate cultural exchange between the two countries emphasizing their strong ties and relationship.

Highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship and ingenuity of iconic Italian brands and designers who embrace contemporary cultural challenges through innovative and mindful design. These events strive to promote appreciation of Italy’s cultural legacy and its ongoing impact on the global design industry.

As part of Italian Design week’s commitment to giving back, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to funding Longer Tables, a nonprofit organization dedicated to setting tables and connecting members from all communities and backgrounds, advocating for diversity, unity and inclusion. By supporting this initiative, Italian design week aims to strengthen the bond of communities and promote diversity in DC.

For the first time in the city, the design industry will be highlighted and topics of innovation and sustainably will be explored. This celebration of Italian culture will kick start Italian heritage month and showcase the power of Italian design, inspiring the local community and nurturing knowledge exchange.

Italian Design Week is delighted to host this series of events in DC, and invites design enthusiasts, industry professionals and anyone with a passion for design and Italian culture to participate and embark on this unforgettable weeklong journey.

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