EBC Energy Expands to Grand Rapids: Italian Firm's Strategic Move into U.S. Waste-to-Energy Market

Mar 04, 2024 881

Italian waste-to-energy company EBC Energy is making significant strides in the U.S. market with its recent expansion to Grand Rapids, Michigan. This move comes as the company seeks to leverage the U.S.'s vast market potential and navigate the saturated European waste-to-energy sector. EBC Energy's strategic decision to establish a business development office in Grand Rapids underscores the city's appeal in terms of operational costs and potential partnerships.

EBC Energy's operation in the U.S. commenced in May 2023, with its headquarters located in New York. The decision to expand to Grand Rapids was influenced by the city's favorable business environment and the presence of potential customers and partners. During a conference in Washington D.C., EBC Energy COO Matteo Biasin and Brent Case from The Right Place, Inc., a West Michigan economic development organization, discussed the benefits of locating in Grand Rapids.

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SOURCE: https://bnnbreaking.com

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