This Ferrari 550 Maranello Is A Silver Stallion

Jun 11, 2019 543

When you think of a flagship Ferrari, what color is it? The traditional red hue of Italian racers has become synonymous with the marque over many decades of motorsport success. In fact, during the 1990s, almost 85-percent of Ferraris were ordered in red. Let’s applaud the first owner of this wonderfully specified Nurburgring Silver Ferrari 550 Maranello currently listed for sale with the Chicago Car Club.

What a beautiful specimen this Italian stallion is on wheels! The 550 Maranello was a world-beating V12 GT car of the 1990s and early 2000s. The wedged profile cuts a distinctive shape into its surroundings, while aggressive landmarks, such as a hood scoop and louvers, creates a surprisingly aggressive design. Ferrari makes it very clear from the moment you set eyes on a 550 that it’s no wallowing cruiser. The silver paint compliments the whole car, and is in great condition with any stone chips recently removed.

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