Glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra reflects on the colorful art that's hotter than ever

Nov 14, 2014 1005

Italian master glassblower Lino Tagliapietra has a thing for undulating shapes and eye-catching color. For those unfamiliar with his work, even a cursory Google image search makes this abundantly clear.

In a new installation titled "Metamorphosis," however, the 80-year-old artist created a series of open and closed glass forms in soft grays and whites. Featured at SOFA Chicago (the Sculpture, Objects and Functional Art fair, Nov. 7-9, at Navy Pier) and reflecting the various stages of a butterfly — pupae, cocoon, flight — the work is no less stunning than his multicolored pieces and, in fact, reflects how Tagliapietra has embraced reinvention and transformation throughout his decades-long career.

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