Inspirational podcaster Chris Bordoni

Jan 26, 2021 378

BY: Lou Carlozo

Talented teens and young adults tend to view themselves as invincible. Even when they suffer a major setback or two, they often emerge humbler but still immensely confident. But what happens to a star athlete and corporate wunderkind who gets sidelined not once, but four times by serious health issues?

In the case of Chris Bordoni, the answer defies easy analysis or explanation — especially since his last health scare was the worst: Stage 3B testicular cancer. Where others might have felt bitter or cheated, this former All-American swimmer and hot-prospect consultant emerged from it all with two gifts: peerless resilience and a sense of wonder that drove him to seek out and share the stories of others who have knit their personal scars into a constellation of stars.

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