Remote Italian-inspired Vail estate goes on sale for $29.5 million - including a $1 million 1.5mile private DRIVEWAY

Apr 11, 2015 828

This spot in Colorado's Vail Valley is so picturesque that a family stopped at nothing to build their home here - even if it meant shelling out $1 million just on the driveway. The Italian-inspired mansion, which has incredible 360-degree views across the mountains, has now gone on the market for a tidy $29.5 million.

Homeowner Dick Rothkopf, a former toy company chief, chose the location for the estate in 2008 because his family enjoyed hiking in the nearby hills. But the property is so remote that it took two years, a team of engineers and $1 million to build the 1.5-mile driveway from the roadway to its front door, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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