Concorso Ferrari & Friends Brings High-Powered Italian Sports Cars to West Hartford

Jun 30, 2018 892

BY: Ronni Newton

The vehicles parked in the spaces along LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center on Sunday did not look like what your average Sunday brunch-goers would be driving. Instead, several hundred high-powered Italian sports cars of a variety of makes and models occupied those spaces, and visitors flocked to the Center in order to get a peek at an amazing collection of vehicles.

Including among the vehicles participating in Concorso Ferrari & Friends were 140 “supercars” – Ferraris and Maseratis, organizer Summer Sivetz said – and included seven Pagani cars, which are worth upwards of $2 million each. Horacio Pagani, who founded Pagani Automobili S.p.A. in 1992, came from Modena, Italy, to attend the event.

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