Danielle Gori-Montanelli crafts fanciful jewelry with wool

Apr 02, 2019 723

BY: Elsie Lynn Parini

An upside-down figure on the porch of Danielle Gori-Montanelli’s home studio near Middlebury Union Middle School, gives you the idea that this neighborhood home might be a little different from the rest. And indeed it is. This is where Gori-Montanelli creates her “fanciful felt jewelry.”

Walking into her first-floor studio, you’re greeted by eclectic bursts of color at every turn. Bolts of felt produce a rainbow on a wall; finely cut, bold felt necklaces dangle from a dowel; food-inspired felt earrings bookend a dividing wall. Then there’s a whole table dedicated to felt succulents, another lined with elegant ribbon (where she packages her mail orders), and of course her worktable — butted up against a large window and scattered with small pieces waiting to be assembled. 

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SOURCE: http://www.addisonindependen

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