Stamford business replicates Italian coffee roasting

Feb 06, 2017 1128

BY: John Nickerson

Giuseppe Bonaiuto has been following the heady aroma of roasted coffee all his life. Growing up in Naples, Italy, he fondly remembers walking home with friends from school and following the rich smell of roasting coffee wafting out of a cast iron pot atop a stove in his grandmother’s kitchen. Now 60, Bonaiuto has a huge roaster painted Ferrari-fire engine red at his East Side business, BonJo, where about 300,000 pounds of beans are roasted each year.

The name was easy, said Bonaiuto, who now goes by Joseph. But the name also means good, as in bon, and joe, as in coffee. After years of importing beans from Italy, Bonaiuto got the idea to duplicate the perfect Italian espresso coffee here. “I really decided to start roasting coffee because people were telling me that there will never be anyone that will be able reproduce an Italian espresso in the United States, so that was a challenge to me,” he said.

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