Westport spices up W125 interior with new Italian-designed option

Sep 27, 2018 646

American shipbuilder Westport has teamed up with Italian designer Giuseppina Arena to create a new offering of interior styles on board its W125 line of motor yachts. The idea behind the collaboration is to appeal to a larger pool of potential clients hailing from Europe, by offering a more familiar style of design and one that is more suited to the Mediterranean way of life.

Having engineered and designed its superyachts in the past completely in-house, together with a few North American designers, this is Westport’s first attempt at working with a designer to draw the attention from its non-American clients. The project, therefore, is built on the use of clean lines, a simplistic and functional arrangement of furniture on board as well as the use of very high-quality materials and fabrics. 

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SOURCE: https://www.superyachttimes.com

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