Women and Ferraris — a Match Made in Fast Car Heaven

Nov 06, 2019 642

Everybody loves a woman behind the wheel of a Ferrari, as I discovered while zipping around town in the stunning Ferrari Portofino. Of course, I could’ve mistaken what I imagined as personal flirtation for looks of adoration directed to the car. For certain, this baby is a head-turner and a traffic-stopper, particularly when the hard top is down.

Whether parked upfront at Brasserie 19, outside of the Galleria’s Fig & Olive or adjacent to the runway at an Elizabeth Anthony fashion show in Uptown Park, all eyes were on the silver grey steed, a serious statement car. hankfully, there were no constable’s eyes on the Italian sports coupe as I sped down River Oaks Boulevard at 60 mph (a mere nothing compared to what this blazing car can do) with my companion giggling like a school girl with each growling rev of the engine. 

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SOURCE: https://www.papercitymag.com

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