Italy's first electric motorbike makes 3D debut in NY

Jul 11, 2013 642

It sounds like a daydream - a sleek, powerful, state-of-the-art motorcycle with Formula 1 technology that plugs into the wall. But the battery is not the most surprising aspect of Italy's first electric street motorcycle - the Energica - poised to enter dealerships in 2015. Much of the body of the first working model was sculpted by a 3D-printing machine that sprayed layer upon layer of high-performance Windform material from digital designs. And yes, the superbike drives like a dream, reaching a top speed of 220 km per hour.

It has a range of 150 km and lasts 11 hours, though at a more moderate everyday pace of 70 km per hour. The batteries can be recharged within three hours with a normal socket or in less than 30 minutes to 80% capacity with direct current.
The Energica will make its New York debut on September 10, as the subject of a seminar on creativity and technology given by its maker, the CRP Group of Modena.

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