New York Start-Up Revolutionizing Menswear, Customizable Luxury Accessible to Everyone: Manstery Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Dec 25, 2015 299

Manstery launches a new shirt collection using a ground-breaking technology to make customizable luxury accessible to everyone. It is on sale now on Kickstarter with shirts starting at $158 each. The New York-based start-up is the first company to offer online made-to-measure clothing of luxury quality with a perfect fit and customizable features. Manstery sees this as an opportunity to revolutionize the menswear industry by providing customers interested in high-quality garments with a durable, sustainable, and ethical alternative at a fraction of the market price.

"True made-to-measure clothing starts with precise body measurements. Each piece is individually cut for the perfect fit and carefully assembled with the highest standards. A customer looking for this kind of product must have a first-class tailor, pay a premium price, and wait weeks for the final product," says Graziano Meloni, Founder and CEO. "We set out to give everyone access to a personal tailor and luxury products at a more affordable price and faster delivery time."

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