Spring Symposium 2013 – Analysis

May 07, 2013 862

This year's spring's symposium – featuring presentations from 10 prominent EU originated startups with founders from Italy, Israel, Greece, US was one of those great occasions where all falls where it should. On May 2 we have had our fifth gathering, the Italian Business & Investment Initiative Spring Symposium, where the best start ups from Southern Europe presented to a crowd of approximately 100 players in the field of Venture capital in New York.

After two years, the eco system originated from Italy and now expanding to Spain, Greece and Israel has emerged. The players that underpin such a system are Mind the Bridge of San Francisco, Intesa San Paolo Bank with its Start Up Initiative, Fulbright BEST scholarship, Vertis VC from Naples, Innogest VC from Milan and NIAF, the National Italian American Foundation.

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